Biography: Etius Wenda

Writer: Kanma Dawen February 04, 2019

Etius Wenda was born on June 04, 1996 at st Golo. Lanny Jaya Papua, Indonesia and he was raised in Tiom, Papua. He is the son of Enos Wenda and Yurtina Tabuni. He is speaking languages, local Papua, Indonesia, and English. He has three brothers and two sisters and there are in Papua, Indonesia.

Growing up, he showed a strong interest in (clean-up at home) and played soccer and any activities did. Schooling, he was graduated primary school in Wriringambut, elementary school in Pirime of Lanny Jaya, and high school in Wamena.

Many-Experinces-did, when he was still at a high school and got a lot of experiences. First of all, in (2011) he had worked at a hotel “Nayak Wamena” for five months, also worked at a small kiosk in Wamena. He was able to help money from the government Lanny Jaya for training three months at a Hotel Yasmin Jayapura. After that, he went to graduated the high school in Wamena and came back to entered college at Academic Pariwisata 45, Entrop in Jayapura. Subsequently, manager housekeeper called him to work in Hotel-Yasmin-Jayapura department housekeeping and he worked as room-boy, laundry, and huntsmen, working until two years.

In (2015) he was getting the scholarship of government province Papua to study in Canada. Now, he is still studying in province Ontarian Toronto, Canada. To conclude, when he was growing-up, many activities he did, its makes him to improve him life and be confident to him purpose study.

Character“. He is a practitioner who has the quality to achieve perfection. And he is a person who has high competence and ambition accompanied by good self-discipline and his trying to gain recognition of his achievements. He will oppose the wrong side. H’s a friendly person, but it can turn out to be fierce if you know it’s not true. He is a loyal supporter.


Writer :by Dawen Kanma


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